High pressure Fogging system

Who will be interested in our high pressure misting system?

For restaurants, cafes, hotels, parks, greenhouses, factories , construction, and garbage processing plants, with partially covered, or outdoor facilities our high pressure misting system designed to provide practical cooling, humidification, dust suppression or odor control at low cost, in extended outdoor areas.


High pressure misting system applications:

  • Outdoor cooling :

water fog system is other kind of evaporative cooling, widely used in outdoor cooling applications due to high efficiency and nice visible effect, can lower the temperature 5 to 12 degrees below the ambient temperature with almost 90% of wet-bulb efficiency.


  • Mist and fog visual effect :

High pressure fogging can be used to provide nice fog like effect for beautiful landscaping projects.


  • Animal cooling :

High pressure misting systems widely used in zoos, farms , stables and animal holding areas to cool animals, birds, chicken, horse, cow, camels, dogs.


  • greenhouses :

High pressure misting system used in greenhouses as more efficient alternative solution for traditional Evaporative pad and fan system in greenhouses


  • Chillers pre-cooling :

High pressure misting used to pre-cool the chillers or traditional air conditioners condenser coils, resulting saving on electricity bill and to make the compressors achieve maximum COP and EER with highest efficiency possible.


  • Dust suppression and dust fighting :

High pressure mist system used for dust suppression in construction sites, concrete plants, public parks, and during factories processing stages.


  • Odor control :

High pressure water spray system used within garbage processing plants to fight and control odor


  • Humidification and humidity control :

High pressure misting system used for fast practical solution for very fast efficient humidification where certain percentage of humidity required.


  • Static electricity safety:

High pressure misting system help minimize brittleness and eliminate static electricity


  • Smoke control (smoke scrubbing):

water mist system removes toxins and smoke from the atmosphere to prevent smoke damage and danger to people.