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The history of the misting fans runs over a thousand years ago, where the people of Persia used a gadget what is considered to be the first ever misting fan. This little gadget was called ‘windcatcher’ back then. After that, the Iranians had taken over the technology and invented the evaporative cooler. By now the technology behind the misting fans is much more superior.

The way present day misting fans are working is not hard to understand. It has pressure pumps that increase the water pressure up to very high level. Then this pressurized water is pushed through a small, special nozzle so that water is atomized and tiny droplets are made. The size of one droplet is about 10 microns (one tenth of the human hair). In misting fans, there is a fan behind these created droplets or together we can call it a mist. With the help of the fan behind this artificial mist is pushed away making the surrounding area much cooler.

In these misting fans, water is purified before making the mist. A typical misting fan will consume 1-2 gallons of water per hour. The capacity of water storage differs from model to model. The larger misting fan can store up to 10 gallons. In case of smaller portable misting fans, the water should be replaced hourly.

The way these misting fans cools us is interesting to know. When the thin mist is released into the dry air and hot sunlight those tiny droplets will get evaporated. The energy for that transformation is taken by the surrounding heat. This will cause the reduction of temperature and make you cool even in summer season or a usual hot day.

As the misting fan pushes the fine mist into a wide area, that entire area becomes a cool zone. You will not get wet by these tiny droplets as they are ultra-small in size except you stand less than 6 inches from the misting fan. Otherwise, the mist is already evaporated by the time you experience the cool.

The uses of these misting fans are remarkable. A home user can use this misting fans around the pool, backyards, outdoor garages etc. The industrial places of the misting fans are being used are construction sites, sporting events, and outdoor festivals. Apart from these larger misting fan models portable, mini size misting fans are now available. These hand held misting fans are popular among people go on picnics, beachgoers, spectators of outdoor games.

As there is a diversity of misting fans available in the market customers can choose the exact model that will meet their needs entirely. Due to the fact that misting fans give more natural and refreshing cool for its consumers, it has become a quite popular.

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